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Best retail mobile app built to make inventory updates fast and easy.

Why Inventory Squared?

Login with your Square account and start scanning

Scan Item Barcodes

No dedicated handheld barcode scanner needed! Scan directly from your phone.

Automatically Update Square

Update your Square inventory away from your computer using your mobile phone!

Receive New Inventory

Receive new inventory for existing items directly from the app!

Update Existing Inventory

Perform recounts or update inventory counts for existing items!

How it Works?

Adjust inventory on-the-go

By utilizing your phone's camera, Inventory Squared allows you and your employees to make inventory adjustments without needing a dedicated handheld scanner or your computer.

Speed up your inventory management.

Save money on buying and replacing handheld scanners.

Simplify your store's processes.

Manage stock simultaneously from multiple devices

You and your employees can easily receive new inventory shipments or perform recounts simultaneously.

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Frequently asked questions

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Inventory Squared is a mobile application that allows you to use your mobile phones camera as a scanner to receive and update inventory in your Square account.

Login to the application with your Square account and set the scanner mode to either Receive Inventory (default), or Inventory Re-Count.
Click on "Launch Scanner" and start scanning.
After an item is scanned, you will be able to enter how many were received or how many are on hand (depending on the scanner mode) , and save this change to Square.

Inventory Squared is free-to-use for your first 100 scans. After 100 successful scans, you will need to load more scans for a price ranging from $2.99 - $19.99.

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